Autel X Star Premium [Drone Review]

The Autel X-Star Premium drone is the perfect beginner drone for anyone just getting into the world of UAVs. Out of the box, this drone is practically ready to fly – all you have to do is install the propellers and charge up the battery and you’ll be ready for all those crazy high outdoor action shots.

Check out all these goodies in this unboxing video!




This orange Phantom look-alike is packed with a 12 mega pixel camera and shoots video with 4K Ultra HD at a 108 degree field of view. The footage is shot with an integrated 3-axis gimbal. The flight modes are ideal for beginners. Autel programmed a beginner mode which keeps the user in mind for those just starting out by creating an “invisible field of range” so your drone doesn’t go wondering off without your consent. Like most other drones, this one also has that cool Follow Me feature AND Orbit Me modes.

Though they look similar, the X-Star is different in how it performs during flight and landing. The X-Star appears to have a bit more of a lighter touch to it, however, this concerns me for those newer droners. A little more weight could make it easier to manage, but overall this is just a matter of preference. The X-Star drone body is significantly different from the Phantom in the sense that gimbal and camera is removable. This is ideal for those just starting out that might be working on those rough landings 😉

If perhaps you accidentally broke your X-Star and need to find spares – I found a place on Autel’s store where they sell that here

Remote Controller

So this controller is comfortable and has plenty of information and features to have you enjoying the your drone even when you can’t reach it. Some might say this controller feels very similar to DJI’s. Just download the Autel Starlink App on your smartphone and plug it into the controller for incredible sightings real time. (By the way, you do not need the app to fly the drone. This is just an added feature).

Tech Specs

  • Comes with: 14.8V LiPo battery, fast charger, 64GB card, hard case
  • HD Live View up to 1.2 miles away
  • 1 hour charging time
  • Battery life: Up to 25 minutes
  • Comes in orange or white

Here’s another great video sharing the tech specs and features first hand!


I would recommend this drone to any Drone Noob getting into the world of UAVs. It has a pretty great handle, comes with everything you need right out of the box and is built to last all those clumsy landings we, the noobs tend to have.

Got a question about this drone? Have you tried this drone yourself? Leave a comment below and let me know!